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  • You WILL become leaner with flatter abs and toned muscles by following our specific fat loss nutritional strategies outlined in our boot camp meal plans manual and recipe guide.
  • You WILL improve your flexibility and mobility using our systematized stretching and dynamic warm-up sequences and techniques.
  • You WILL strengthen and dramatically improve your “core” by following our functional program design specifically designed to get those nice flat and toned abs.
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Here’s what you can expect after becoming a member of our

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  • Boot Camps available From 5:00am To 7:30pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday!
  • Saturday morning personal training boot camp sessions available!
  • Up to 19 personal training boot camp sessions offered 3 days per week!
  • As low as $18 per training session!
  • Online Access to Step-By-Step super simple and delicious meal plans and nutrition tips for quick results!
  • Accountability to your coaches and fellow campers to achieve your fitness goals.
  • NEVER THE SAME, Fun, Fat melting, Muscle toning boot camp workouts!
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  • EXL Fitness community activities and special events monthly.
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